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Using Google to Increase Leads

In an era where Internet Marketing is more popular and useful than ever, why are so many small to medium sized companies still under utilizing the opportunity?

Yes, a majority of companies have some sort of online presence such as Instagram, Facebook, or a basic website, but is that enough? These sites permit them to share their work with friends and other followers, but it's generally only reaching a small audience.  

Let me ask you, if you had a need for a service and had limited knowledge on where and who could provide it, where's the first place you would start your search?  

Was your answer Google?  

Not surprising.  

Google is generally thought of by most as just a search engine and an information super store. It's convenient and provides direct access to just about any topic, and let's not forget most of us are becoming experts from our fingertips. I, on the other hand, view Google as a giant advertising space that is underutilized by small companies to grow their businesses and drive revenue.  

If you are a small business owner, do you know where your company is listed on Google when you type in your city and service?  If your answer was no, then you're missing out on TONS of opportunity.

What possible reason could there be for small companies to consistently fail to capitalize on this opportunity?

  • Fear

Fear of competing with large online retailers such as Amazon or Walmart (or whoever is dominating the market in your industry)

  • Lack of knowledge

Most individuals do not know how to improve their ranking on Google or how to build a website that is user friendly, informative, and clearly promotes their products or services.  Going back to what I previously mentioned, most small companies utilize Instagram or Facebook and that's mainly because they are familiar with how to operate it.

  • Afraid of growth

It sounds crazy, but some companies are reluctant to find a new source of advertising because they aren’t sure if they can handle the demand.  

Luckily, there are companies that can assist with creating a strong online presence.

These companies provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services. Their main goal is to get your company listed higher on google to draw more viewers to your webpage, which would potentially generate higher sales. In addition, some SEO companies provide additional services such as website design, pay-per-click and social media development.


If you are a business owner I would highly recommend you get FREE consultation of your current internet advertising and presence to see how these services can help your business GROW!